Nikon D800 in February 2010

There has been plenty of blog and forum posts about the upcoming Nikon prosumer full frame camera, D800. Here’s one more confirmation that Nikon is all set to announce the D800 just before the PMA 2010. A couple of lenses are also going to be announced together with the camera.

The sensor will be very similar to the one in the Nikon D3s, than the one in Nikon D3x. h. It is designed by Nikon fabbed by an undisclosed partner, just like the Nikon D3 and Nikon D3s. It is supposed to have excellent noise characteristics similar to the D3s.

The key thing is video – there have been mules with 720p video. With the popularity on Canon 5D Mark II (which has 1080p) video, Nikon is caught in a mix. Since the top dogs do not support 1080p, yet and they need to have an ace when Nikon D4 is released in summer 2011. And, Nikon D4 is said to use a variation of the Nikon D800’s 18 megapixel sensor, with a completely new auto focus system.

So, here you have it – the most likely specifications:

  1. Sensor: 18 megapixel full-frame
  2. Speed: 3 frames per second
  3. 96% viewfinder coverage
  4. Built-in Flash
  5. Price: US $3499
  6. Availability: Spring 2010

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  2. I wonder if it makes sense to squeeze 18MP out of the D3s’ sensor. More probable to me that the D800 will have 12 MP. There is lots of people that love low light capabilities.

  3. You have a point. Nikon would polish up the Nikon D700 and call it Nikon D700s in the fall. This would be the little brother of Nikon D3s.

    However, the Nikon D800 or Nikon D900 is a completely new beast. Think of it as something to compete with the Canon 5D Mark II and the Sony Alpha A850, or a smaller sibling of the Nikon D3x.

  4. nikon is not going to make a new 18mp sensor, and it would have to be new if it was more than the 12.1 from the D3 or D3s or 24.5 from the D3x. its not nikons thing to do that. look at the past.
    D300, D90(video added, sensors the same), D5000
    D200, D80, D40x
    D100, D70, D70s
    D3, D700
    now were left with a camera that has to be full frame, recycled sensor, and needs video.
    the only one that fits nikons MO is the D3S’ old sensor.

    here my prediction

    Nikon D700x, or D800
    12.1 MP
    iso standard 12,800 iso HI3 iso 102,400
    720p video
    7fps (they never go backwards here: d100 3fps, d200 5fps, d300s 7fps. it would only make sense the next full frame sub pro camera would be better in all aspects)

    this is ONLY if released before summer ends.
    if not, were looking at a summer 2012 release of a D4 similar camera

  5. bla, bla, bla.

    What about ths specifications :
    1. Sensor: 33,1 megapixel full and a half
    2. Speed: 3 frames per second, 5 frames when sun is shining
    3. 96% viewfinder coverage or not
    4. 2 Built-in Flashs
    5. Price: US $3499,77 or $2799,77 for canon users
    6. Availability: Spring 2010 or 2011

  6. Ok …we’re several days into PMA 2010…I’ve been going to the PMA website and I see whee the new 16-35mm lens was announced …so where’s the new D800/900/or whatever?? There’s a lot of people who want to know about the new camera!

  7. Sorry…will Nikon wait until the last day of PMA 2010 to announce … someone’s got to know.

  8. So where the heck is it? PMA is almost over.

  9. Sorry, but no D800 (or similar) before or during PMA 2010……………….!
    Nikon frustating me.

  10. Nikon D800 with 24 MP and a D700s with 1080P function both camera’s will be the new generation tot compete with Canon 5D mark II and Sony A850.

    And in 2011 the introduction of the D4 with 4K function and 40MP with a quantumsensor. This year mobile phones with quantumsensors are on the market.
    A quantum sensor is 2 to 4 times sensitiver with very low noise and the best part it’s cheaper. So full frame 6x7cm sensors for a good price will be possible.
    Maybe the rebirth of the Pentax 67 or Mamiya 67 with 100 till 150MP

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